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Delta CiMENis 

The Magazine of Delta State Universih 

Volume 3 Number 2 

Winter, 1997 


Star of Screen & Staee 

Sports Update • Foundation REPORr«~ALUMNi Update 

Delta State Wear 

From the 

U Bookstore 

Shop at the DSU Bookstore when you visit Delta State!!! 

Located in the H.L. Nowell Union Building 

Order by Phone: 601/846-4640 or Fax: 601/846-4643 

DSU Throw ($34.95); Stained Glass Candle ($9.95) 

Candle Stand ($6.99); DSU Banner ($4.95); Umbrella ($12.95) 

Stadium Cushion ($6.95); Delta State Picture ($35.28); 

Briefcase ($18.95); Decal ($.99); Stuffed Anmial ($8.00); 

DSU Glass ($4.50); DSU Coffee Mug ($9.95); 

Sunglass Strap ($3.99) 

DSU Jacket, fully lined ($64.95); Teddy Bear ($12.95); 

Hooded DSU PuUoever ($48.50); Gym Shorts ($12.95); 

Fitted Baseball Cap ($12.95); Camouflage Cap ($10.50); 

Green Hat ($15.95); Denim Cap ($14.50); Golf Shirt ($34.50) 

Royal Blue & Gold Windsuit ($63.00); Sunglassed ($1.29) 

Candle ($12.95); Houseshoes ($15.95); Okra Banner ($10.95); 

Ladies Drawstring Boxers ($15.95); DSU Cookbook ($12.00); 

Windsuit ($35.95); DSU Planner & Address Book ($21.95); 

DSU Sweatshirt ($28.95); DSU Watch ($54.55); 

Sports Bra ($18.00); Biking Shorts ($18.00) 

DSU Grey Fleece Jacket ($28.95); Boxers ($10.95); 

Jogging Suit ($21.90); Novelty Gum Ball ($7.95); 

Hair Bow ($3.98); Cheerleader Outfit ($23.95); 

DSU Childs Cap ($9.95); Pom-Pom ($1.20); Football ($5.95) 

Harvey Tackett, President 

DSU Alumni Affocintioii 

1997 Alumni Association 
Board of Directors: 

Mickey Robinson 

Vice President 
Jim Avery 

Robert Taylor 

Charles Holmes 

Past President 
Donald Green 

District I 

Darnell Scott, Ttipelo 

District II 

Paul Artman, Greenville 

District III 

Beth Embry, Jackson 

District IV 

Chris Kellev, Natchez 

District V 

Jav Fletcher, Pascngouhi 

Young Alumnus 

Craig Verhage, Cleveland 

Accounting Alumni Rep 

Harold Corbin, Jackson 

Art Alumni Representative 

Eddie Gong, Cleveland 

Athletic Alumni 


Harr\' Lott, Cleveland 

Family & Consumer Science 

Dana Mitchell, Rulevdle 

Golden Circle Alumni 

Sue Th\\eatt King, Cleveland 

Music Alumni Association 

Jim McCutcheon, Cleivland 

Nursing Alumni Association 

Marion Raines, Clei'cland 

Student Alumni Association 

Michael Aguzzi, Cleveland 

Black Alumni Association 

Donald Green, Clarksdale 

Aviation Alumni Association 

Travis "Chip" Cooper, 


Presidential Appointees: 

John Alexander, Oxford 

Mark Williams, Cleveland 

Ron Tubertini, Greenville 










13 Baby Statemen 

13 InMemorium 

14 Wedding Bells 
16 Upcoming Events 

An Open Letter 
Short Notes 
Alumni Notes 
Foundation Report 
Sports Update 
With The Classes 

© Copyright, 1997, Delta State University. Delta Currents is published three times 

per year by the DSU Alumni Association and the DSU Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 

3104, DSU, Cleveland, MS 38733. Don Skelton, Director; Vicki Fioranelli, Associate 

Director; Felicia Applegate, Assistant Director. Photography by Bill Powell; Design 

by The Nautilus Group 

Don Skelton, publisher; Vicki Fioranelli, editor; Felicia Applegate, ass. editor 

Phone; 601/846-4705; Fax: 601/846-4713; E-mail 

Billy Nowell, President 
DSU Foundation, Inc. 

1997 Foundation 
Board of Directors: 

Ned A. Mitchell 

David Work, Sr. 

Past President 
Louis Baioni 

One-Year Term 

Dr William Alford 

Jeff Ross Capwell 

Ed Kossman 

Larry O. Lewis 
Frank W. Smith, Jr 
William P. Arnold 
W. Parks Johnson 
Jon S. Levingston 

Viola B. Sanders 
Jeanne R. Walker 

Harvey Tackett 

Two- Year Term 

John Aguzzi 

James W. "John" Brewer 

Dr Robert L. Elliott, Jr. 

Jerome "Jerry" Hafter 

Roger D. Malkin 

John M. Alexander 

James "Jim" Brown 

Caroline L. Gaines 

William "Bill" HoUoway 

Frank Sibley 

Three- Year Term 

William "Bill" Crump, 111 

Frank Drennan 

Calvin Dye 

Jim Finger 

Donald Green 

Peter Jernberg 

Virginia "Ginger" Pepper 
Mike Sanders 
Ron TuberHni 
George Walker 

An Open Letter 

TO Alumni & Friends of 
Delta State Unp/ersit^' 

i hirtv Years ago, the Southern Regional Educational 
Board issued a report that said, in part, "Within reach of the 
people in the South He opportunities that stir the imagination 
... Economically, this region can be one of the most producti\'e 
areas on the earth ... intellectually, its colleges and universities 
can increasingly become preeminent centers of learning and 

The above statement was substantiated in a recent surv^ey 
conducted by the Social Science Research Center at Miss. State 
University' -with 801 adults stating their views and perceptions 
of higher education in the State. Some of the pertinent find- 
ings of the sur\^ey include: 

*88.4 percent of the respondents said the money spent on the 
higher education system was a solid investment; 
*83 percent would recommend one of Mississippi's eight 
public uni\'ersities to family and friends; 
*93.3 percent said that the state's higher education system is 
essential to Mississippi's economic prosperity; 

*83.6 percent said the higher education system produces 
graduates emplo\'ers ■want to hire. 

Developed by the Commissioner and Chief Institutional 
Officers to meet the fiscal challenges for higher education, top 
priorities in the Institutions of Higher Learning E\' 1998 bud- 
get request are (a) increased salaries to attract and retain qual- 
ity' faculty and (b) pro\'iding students with quality programs 
and ser\dces. 

IHL is making an appeal to the legislature for an increase of 
S75.6 million, or 16 percent, in its FY 1998 budget request. $33 
million of this increase is for general support of on and off 
campus programs at the eight universities. 
Mississippi is fortunate in the strength and quality of its eight 
public uni\-ersities. With continued involvement from alumni 
t^ and community leaders, the preeminent centers of learning 
^. and leadership so confidently predicted thirty years by the 
I Southern Regional Educational Board are well within our 
^, reach. 

I Contact your district legislators regarding the IHL Board's 
= budget priorities today and let your \oice in support of high- 
= er education be heard. 

Short Notes 

Bookstore Dedicated 

Delta State Universit}''s book- 
store was formally dedicated the 
Jimmy R. Williams Bookstore on 
November 3, 

who ser\-ed 
as the book- 
store's man- 
ager and 
from 1958 
until his 
retirement in 
1996, also 

was postmaster of the DSU post 
office, and manager of the Mill. 

Dr. Kent Wyatt, president of 
Delta State Uni\'ersit\', said "the 
decision to name the bookstore in 
honor of Williams is most 
deser\'ed. Jim has ser\'ed the 
Uni\'ersit}' diligently for almost 40 
years, and he unselfishly gave his 
time, talents and resources to Delta 
State and the Cleveland communi- 

CPR For Student Teachers 

Delta State Uni\'ersit\; if not the 
only school, is certainl}' one of the 
fe\v in the nation that requires its 
teacher education majors to take 
the American Red Cross 
Communits' CPR course before 
the\' go into the area's schools to 
student teach. Mr. Dave Heflin, 
assistant professor of Health, 
Physical Education and Recreation 
and a veteran American Red Cross 
Instructor- Trainer teaches the 

History Teacher A^nard 

Dr. Allen Dennis, Chair and pro- 
fessor of History, announces that 
family and friends of Dr. Sammy 
Cranford, who died in 1995 after 
teaching 25 years, recently institut- 
ed the Sammy Orren Cranford 

Rising History Teacher Award. This 
is a cash award gixen annually to a 
Social Science Education major 
who intends to teach History in the 
secondary schools of Mississippi. 
The I'^^ft recipient was Thomas 
Upchurch of Sallis. 

Friends and former students of 
Dr. Cranford who wish to con- 
tribute to this memorial award are 
in\-ited to contact the Delta State 
Uni\ersitv Foundation, and to des- 
ignate their gifts to the Sammy 
Orren Cranford Rising History 
Teacher Award. 

DSU Dean Retires 

Dr. Roy Moore, dean of the 
School of Business, 
plans to retire from 
DSU July 1. He has 
accepted the presti- 
gious position of 
Director of the 
Commission for the 
Association of 
Collegiate Business 
Schools and pro- 
grams in Overland 
Park, Kansas. In 
1995 the DSU 
School of Business 
received its 
national accredita- 
tion from ACB-SP, 
and Moore 
played a major 
role in that effort. 


February 4, 8.00 

String Trio of New York 

Chamber Jazz Ensemble 

^^ebruary 13, 8:00 

Ben Vereen & Leslie Uggams 
*Jn Broadway 

February 19, 8:00 p.m. 535.00 

Oakland Ballet 

Tlw Secret Garden' 

March 20, 8:00 

Box Office Hits 
The excitement 

and opportunity 
continue to 
grow at the 

Performing Arts 
Center at Delta State University. 
The wonder and magic of a wide 
range of artistic endeavors enter its 
second season. Director, Sharon 
Papian reports, 'Tn addition to the 
dynamic events currently sched- 
uled, we are able to offer a New 
Season Extra - ZORBA, a remark- 
able dramatic musical! Based on 
the acclaimed novel and film, 
ZORBA THE GREEK, it is "the best 

New York City Opera 

Ln Bohenie" 

April 8, 8:00 p.m. 530.00 

musical since FIDDLER ON THE 
CHA" states the New York Times. 
An irresistible charmer and robust 
lo\'er of life, Zorba is a man who 
passionately embraces every 
moment as if it were his last. 

Dr. Ted Solomon, '66, professor of 
speech doubles as box office man- 
ager. Call Dr. Solomon at 601 846- 
4626 for ticket information on 
"Zorba" or any upcoming perfor- 

Thrash Announces Retirement 

Dr. Patricia A. Thrash, '50, retired 
in December from the position of 
Executive Director, Commission on 
Institutions of 
Education for 
the North 
Association of 
Colleges and 

At Delta State, 
Thrash edited the 
college newspa- 
per, served as 
president of the 
Methodist student 
foundation, and 
was president of 
the women's stu- 
dent government 
Following gradua- 
tion cum laude 
from DSU, she 
began a teaching 
career in the public 
schools of 

Mississippi. She was 
Alumna of the Year 
in 1970. 

M Of FffF 

P-m. $20.00 

' P-m. $10.00 

P-m. $20 & $15 

DSU Choir Europe Bound 

Alumni and friends of Delta State 
are invited to accompany members 
of the Delta Chorale, Choral Union 
and Delta Singers to Europe this 
May for what is being called the 
"Twelve Days in May" concert 
The itinerary includes 

Heidelberg, Munich, Salzburg, and 
Vienna, with stops along the way 
in Worms, Offenburg, Freiburg, 
Liechtenstein, and Innsbruck. 

To register for the tour call Dr. 
Nancy Moore (601 846-4115) to 
hold your reservation. To make a 
gift to help the choir students make 
the tour, please make your check to 
the DSU Foundation, earmarked 
Delta Chorale. A gift so designated 
will be tax deductible. 

Retired Police Chief Dies 
Homer B. Benton, 69, died October 
25, 1996 following a long illness. 
The Cleveland resident served for 
25 years as Delta State's police 
chief before retiring in 1994. 

A Mendenhall native, veteran of 
the Korean War, and longtime dea- 
con of Immanuel Baptist Church, 
Benton was a graduate of the FBI 
Academy and had retired from the 
Jackson, Miss. Police Department 
before coming to Delta State. 
"Delta State has a reputation for 
having a very safe campus, and 
much of the credit goes to Chief 
Benton," said Dr. Kent Wyatt, 
President. "He really developed 
and built our police department 
from scratch." 

Mr. Benton is survived by his 
wife, Georgia, a daughter, Gail 
Bailey of Moorhead, and three 

Dr. Rita Jones, Chair of 

Dr. Rita C. Jones has been at 
Delta State University for four 
years, and the most recent year she 
has been 
serving as the 
Chair of the 
She taught at 

University in 
Alabama and 
College in 
GA, prior to coming to Delta State. 

In addition to her experience in 
academia, Rita worked for several 
years in the accounting department 
for a rricinufacturing firm and 
ser\'ed as VP of Finance for a medi- 
um-size medical center. Rita earned 
her Doctorate in Accounting at 
Mississippi State University and 
her Bachelor's degree in 
Accoi-mting as well as her MBA, 
from Auburn University. She, her 
husband, Larry, and their two 
daughters, live in 

Dr. Butts 

Dr. William 
Butts of 
Kilmichael, is 
special assis- 
tant to the 
president and I 
professor of 
Science. He 
received his Ph.D. from Southern 
Illinois University and did addi- 
tional studies at Harvard. He came 
to DSU from the U.S. Department 
of Education. He also worked on 
special assignments at the 
Institution of Higher Learning 
Board in Jackson. 

Mr. & Miss DSU 
Jessica Mobley of luka and Bo 












— Hi 1 


Peyton of Cleveland, were selected 
Mr. and Miss DSU. Mobley, an 
accounting major and a member 
of Kappa Delta sorority, is the 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Toney 
Mobley. Peyton, a management 
and marketing major is the son of 
David and Diane Peyton. He is a 
member of Pi Kappa Alpha frater- 

Pig-Picking & Homecoming 
Dates Set for "97 

Dr. Don Skelton, director of 
Alumni /Foundation, has 
announced that the twelfth annual 
"Pig-Pickin" will be held on the 
afternoon of September 13th, prior 
to the Statesmen's first home foot- 
ball game with Arkansas Tech. 

Skelton also stated that the 
Homecoming '97 will be celebrated 
on October 18th, with the 
Statesmen playing three-time 
Division II National Champion 
North Alabama. Classes of 1937, 
47, 57, 67, 77 and 87 will have 

SBDC Director Named 

Nation's Best 

John M. Brandon, a 1994 MBA 
graduate of DSU is making a dif- 
ference in the Mississippi Delta — 
one small business at a 
time. Brandon was recently select- 
ed as Star Performer and named 
the Delta State SBDC as one of the 
top 15 centers in the U.S. He has 
been director of Delta State's Small 
Business Development Center since 
1990 and has helped more than 
1200 businesses open or expand. 
Nearly $10 million was secured for 
these with 500 plus jobs being cre- 

Tech Grant Awarded 

Delta State University president 
Kent Wyatt announced that the 
School of Education received a 
$230,000 grant from the 
Southeastern Regional Vision for 
Education (SERVE) to create three 
demonstration sites for implement- 
ing computer-driven technology in 
local schools. 

Alumni Notes 

Are You A First? 

Thomas A. Jones, class of 1949 was 
the first baseball player at Delta State to 
sign a professional baseball contract. 
Jones is a DSU Sports Hall of Fame 
inductee and lives in New Albany. 

Sal Galtelli, '65, of Memphis reports 
that he is possibly the first charter 
member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity to 
have a son, Richard Galtelli, '92, gradu- 
ate as KA. 

If you were a "first", please send 
information to Delta Currents, Box 3104, 
Cleveland, MS 38733 

First Graduate Turns 90 

Miss Mary E."Mollie" Bedwell, for- 
merly of Cleveland, celebrated her 90th 
birthday with a party at Sunnyside 
where she 
resides in 
VA. Miss 
received the 
first diploma in 
her class of thir- 
teen in May 
1928. Miss 
enjoyed a suc- 
cessful career as a librarian with 
Virginia Polytechic 

Institute. Her sister, Margaret Bedwell 
Miller, also a member of the first gradu- 
ating class and a retired teacher, recent- 
ly died in Bethesda, MD. 

Alumni Scholarships Available 

Applications for the five Hugh E. 
Walker scholarships given annually to 
children of active DSU alumni are avail- 
able at the alumni office. Call Felicia 
Applegate at (601 846-4665) for more 

Out-of-State Tuition Waiver 

The out-of-state tuition is waived 
for children of DSU alumni. For 
more information call Betsy Elliott 
at the recruiting office, 800-468-6378 
ext. 5. 








When Steve Azar {"87) and Jillian 
McWhirter ('82) were undergraduates 
at DSU, no one could ha\e known 
how high their stars were going to fly. 
Steve, a native of Greenville, is tak- 
ing the country music world by 
storm. Ste\'e is only the second debut 
recording artist to receive a "Sneak 
Peak" \'ideo on CMT. He was also 
chosen by The Nashville 

Network to be a Star of 
Tomorrow and inducted 
into the music hall of 

Some of the titles of 
Steve's recordings are 
"Thunderbird," and 
"Nights Like This." 

Steve said the best 
career advice he ever 
received was from 
Ahmet Ertegun 
(founder of Atlantic 
Records). He told 
Steve: "You're coun- 
try. You're from a special part of this country. 
Go home and write about what you know." 

Jillian McWhirter is exceptionally 
busy as an actor in television, feature 
films as well as theatre. She has 
appeared in feature films such as 
"Spy Hard," "Dune Warriors," 
"Nowhere to Run," "After Midnight," 
and opposite Jeff Wincott in "Last 
Man Standing." 

Jillian's television credits 

"Thirty-Something," "True 

Confessions," "Santa 

Barbara," and a recurring 

role in "Ryan's Hope." 
Jillian also performs in 

Theatre productions and 

has had outstanding 

reviews. She even 

donates proceeds from 

ticket sales to a battered 

women's facility in Los 

Roger Gorman 

recently told a news- 
paper reporter that 

Jillian was going to be a big-time star and 

he was going to take credit for finding her. 

Alumni On The Move 

Travis Smith 

Travis Smitti ("77) is in hiis 
twentieth year of teaching 
and twelfth year as Director 
of Bands at Williams High 
School in Piano, Texas. In 
addition, he serves as 
Chairman of the Fine Arts 
Department at Williams. 

Bands under his direction 
ha\'e consistently rated supe- 
rior in marching, concert and 
sight-reading contests receiv- 
ing a number of sweepstakes awards, and have 
won Best In Class and been named runner-up in 
the Six Flags Over Texas, Astroworld, American 
Classic and Heritage Music Festivals. 

Smith was recently selected Outstanding Music 
Alumnus of the Year at Delta State. 

Sharon McDonald 

Sharon McDonald C63) is author of twelve edu- 
cational resource books. She 
also conducts workshops and 
lectures all over the U.S. 

"By working with teachers 
and young children at the 
same time, I felt there was a 
need for materials that could 
help them improve their 
teaching and become more 
aware of what was appropri- 
ate for young children," she 

Sharon developed 12 thematic teacher resource 
books at a time when thematic teaching was just 
evolving. She is also under contract to publish 
more books for Gryphon House, Inc. Her latest 
hands on book for teachers as well as home- 
schooling is Sqiiisli, Sort, Paint & Build. 


Foundation Report 

Growth In 
UNn^Rsm' Endowments 

Delta State's endowed accounts have 
increased 160% from 1990 to 1996. 
Endowed accounts are held perma- 
nently, invested wisely and used for 
the purpose specified by the donor 
To date 94 endowed accounts have 
been established through the 
Foundation Office to fund scholar- 
ships, professorships, seminars, ath- 
letic activities, and other areas. 

Please call the Foundation Office to 

discuss how you can establish an 


The Campaign for Delta State 
Changing Vision Into Reality 

S3.75 - 
S2.5 — 

In Millions 


U Unrestricted 

■ Medical/Sc. 
— ■ Other 

Private Support 

Thanks to loyal alumni and friends, 
pri\'ate gifts to Delta State University 
have reached S6.0 million. The 
Campaign for Delta State: Changing 
Vision Into Realit\' is Delta State's 
first ever campaign for private sup- 
port. Gifts to The Campaign have 
come in the form of cash, stocks, 
matching gifts, life insurance policies 
and wills. 

To discuss your gift to TTie 

Campaign please call the 

Foundation Office at 601-846-4660, 

or 1-800-468-6378, ext. 6. 

Louis Baioni: Foundation Board President, 1993-96 

Under Louis' leadership the Delta State Foundation: 

1) Initiated Delta State's first-e\er campaign for pri\'ate support with a goal of $5 million 

by the year 2000. Gifts and pledges to The Campaign for Delta State topped the 
$6 million mark in only two years; 

2) Increased investments held in perpetuity from $2.6 million to $4.3 million; 

3) Created the Quadrangle Oak Society planned giving club to recognize indix'iduals 

who have named Delta State as a beneficiary in their estate. Gifts have topped 
the $2 million mark from thirteen members; 

4) Fimded full-time positions of Coordinator of Development responsible for major gift 

solicitation and a development program secretary; 

5) Increased annual support for the Faculty Development Program from $15,000 to 

$35,000 to help strengthen facult}' in their pursuit of scholarships in teaching, service, and research; 

6) Increased the number of donors to The Campaign to an all-time high of 1,900; 

7) Provided funding for publication of three issues of the Alumni magazine Delta Currents and increased 

its circulation to 19,000 alumni and friends; and 

8) Installed Gateway 2000 computers in all Alumni-Foundation office workstations. 

Delta State University is deeply grateful to Louis for his leadership as Foundation Board President. 

Gifts of Interest to 

The Campaign For Delta State: Changing Vision Into Reality 

•Dunavant Enterprises, Inc. of Memphis, TN, pledged $150,000 to The Campaign. 

Dunavant's gift will support the Faculty Enrichment Fund. 
• Mr. and Mrs. Barney Chiz and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Chiz of Shaw, MS, pledged $50,000 to The 

Campaign. The Chiz's gift supports the Bologna Performing Arts Center. 
•An anonymous gift of $25,000 from an estate has been given to The Campaign. This gift will 

be used to support student scholarships. 
•BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. in Greenville, has pledged $30,000 to The Campaign's 

Faculty Enrichment Fund. Mr. Jim Finger, District Manager, is a member of the Delta 

State Foundation Board of Directors. 
•Delta State has received a gift of $10,000 from the estate of Ms. Carol Brumby '33. Carol was 

an associate professor of Geography at Delta State from 1935 to 1943 and again from 

1944 to 1976. The money will be used to support student scholarships. 
•Lucy S. Howorth of Cleveland, MS, has made a pledge of $30,000 to the new Archives 

•Danny Joe Barfield '72, Linda K. Lindsey '72, Gary Gainspoletti '74, and David L. Gladden 

'72 of Barfield, Lindsey, Gainspoletti and Gladden, CPA, Ltd. in Cleveland, MS, pledged 

$50,000 to The Campaign. This gift wUl support the Faculty Enrichment Fund. 
•Federal Compress and Warehouse Company of Memphis, TN, pledged $25,000 to The 

Campaign. This gift will support the Faculty Enrichment Fund. 


Mrs. Frances S. Casanova and sons, Travis 
and Beverly, recently made a $100,000 gift to 
Delta State in memory of her husband and 
their father, Otis B. Casanova. The gift was 
made as an endowment to the DSU Physical 
and Biological Science Departments. The fam- 
ily chose to make the gift to Delta State 
because of the long association the family has 
enjoyed with the University. 
Pictured (1 to rt): Back: Glen and Linda 
Casanova; Pearman Casanova, grandsons; 
Corinne W. and Travis Casanova (son) of 
Cleveland. Seated: Mrs. Frances S. Casanova. 
Not pictured: Beverly Casanova & Family. 


Gifts in memory of the following individuals have been donated since 1/96 

To make a mtMiiorial gift, contact the Foundation office. 

Banks. Lee 

Bass. B Hampton, III 

Battle. Mrs. Helen 

Benton. Homer 

Binj;ham. Mr. & Mrs. E. L. 

Blai.k\vi.H>d, Bob 

BLukwood. Mr Marion 

Bologna, Nina & Sam 

BcHith. Dr. VVillard C. 

Braham, Catherine 

Brantley. Mr & Mrs. J. C. 

Brown. Curtis 

Buckels, M, D, Jr. 

Burgess, Mr. Coney 

Burke, Charles William 

Carpenter, Tra\'is 

Coward, Dr. Katherine M. 

Crawford. Mr. Carl 

Daniel. Mr. 

Dawson, Ra\mond Vanburen 

Dennis, Neil 

Dent, Sara B. 

Der. Willie 

Dobbins, Mrs. Edwina W- 

Domino, Joey 

Durand. Dottie 

Eddins, Miriam 

Eddins, Mrs Man,' 

Er\in, Elsie Ann 

Farmer, Mr. Isom Doty 

Feinstein, Helen 

Foster. Ruth Guirm 

Fouse, Ronald 

Frazier. Trace 

Gamer, Edwin Leon "Gip" 

Gattas, Naz 

Goff, Mrs. Cora 

Graham, Chuck 

Green, Liddie 

Griffis, Beverly 

Haney, Mrs. Ruby 

Margraves, Roseann E. 

Harrington, Nora T- & Virgil 

Hawkins, Mr. R. A, 

Hemphill, Gar\' 

Hewitt, Mrs. Dannie 

Hey, Luther Nelson 

Hogue, Bobbve 

Holaday, D. W. 

Host, Jack 

Howe, Sam 

Kaplan, Louis 

Keith, Tommy 

Kelley, Lloyd 

Kirsch, Lynn Raines 

Kirsch, Margaret E. 

Kyle, Frank 

LaForge, Dr. William 

Laforge, Jeanne 

Layacomo, Margaret Devato 

Levingston, Mrs. Alfred 

Magdovitz, Kerin C. 

Marion, Chip 

Maxwell, Martha H. 

Maxwell, Mr. James L. 

McCuiston, Mr. F, M. 

McGarrh, Ms. Kellie 

Mclntire, Bud 

McQuagge, Alwell 

McRaney. Dr. Mac G. 

Merritt. Levemice 

Minga, Dale 

Moon, Mrs. J. G. 

Moore, Bryant M. 

Moslev, Theodoria TTiomas 

Neal, Bill 

Nelken, Lester 

Norris, James Henry "Jim" 

O'Neal, Charles 

Cakes, Mrs. O'Laura 

Panicucci, Carol {Parents oO 

Parrish, Mr. H.A. 

Parrott, Shirley Blek 

Pearson, Andy 

Pearson, Mr. Marvin E. 

Peterson, Jimmy 

Phillips, Mrs. Edith 

Pittman, Mary 
i Potts, Mrs. AUie 

Powell, Emma 

Ragan, Mrs. Anne 

Raines, Lynn 

Randall, Shay 
! Salmon, William T. 
i Sankstone, J. 1, Family 
I Savage. Mabel 

Searcy, Mr. & Mrs. James W. 
Short, Matt 
Skellion, Delbert 
Smith, Milton 
Solomon, Mrs. Ruby 
Speakes, Monnie 
Spencer, Kathryn 
Stringer, J. K. 
Sullivan, Katie Bond 
Sutphen, Mrs. Helen Roberts 
Thomas, Chuck 
Tibbs, Robert N. 
Tindle, Clyde Everett 
Towr\send, Suzette Harris 
Tucker, Mrs. N. M. 
Turner, Evelyn 
Turner, Willene Palmer 
Turpin, Larkin Jr. 
Walker, Deborah Ann 
Walt, Mrs. Rufus P 
Ward, Mr Calbert L. 
Warren, Carolyn 
Welch, Frank Townsend 
Wheeler, Nelson 
Whittemore, Mrs. A. C. 
Wiggins, Mrs. Pauline 
Wigington, Vivian 
Wilcox, Vivian 
Wilkerson, Jeff 
Zaher, John 

Em^irerg;^ C^ift 

Alex McKeigney, Vice-president 
of Delta State's first alumni new 

Delta State President Kent Wyatt (~56) 
thanks Mr. Donald E. Meiners, (right) 
Entergy Mississippi President, for a $100,000 
gift to The Campaign For Delta State. 
Entergy's gift is des- 
ignated for the 
Faculty Enrichment 
Fund which sup- 
ports professional 
i;rowth opportuni- 
ties for Delta State 
Entergy's relation- 
ship with Delta State University has grown 
significantly since their first gift in 1964. 
Entergy's inifial gift was presented by Mr. 

of Communicafions to then Alumni Secretary, Dr. Kent Wyatt, to fund one 


Student Scholarships 

Thanks to the generosity of our 
alumni and friends in only three 
years private scholarships for stu- 
dents have increased over 25%. 
Presently, 62 students per semester 
benefit from scholarships established 
by individuals who want to provide 
for the educahon of a student attend- 
ing Delta State University. 

Scholarships may be established in 
any area of the University. Please 
call the Foundation Office to dis- 
cuss your area of interest. 

Quadrangle Oak Society Members 

M. Elise Dreaden, '80 
Sal Galtelli, '65 
Wayne Thompson, '43 

Dr. & Mrs. Nino Bologna 
D. Keith Fulcher, '83 
Maxine B. Holcombe, '31 
Hubert & Nina Mabry Ryle, 


Ms. Carol Brumby, '33 (deceased) 
Charles & Vicki Fioranelli, '72, '68 
Mrs. Rachel Malone 
Mrs. Arm McCormack O'Hare 

Yes! 1 am interested in naming Delta State in a planned gift. Please send me information on: 

will _ 



Address: _ 
Phone #: 

_ retirement plan_ 
. other 

life insurance 


P.S. Please noHf)' the Foundation Office if you have already named Delta State in a planned 
gift so you may be included in the Quadrangle Oak Society. 


^^ Return to: Delta State, Quadrangle Oak Society, P O. Box 3104, Cleyeland, MS 38733 ^J 

Annual Fund Update 

Top three classes based 

on participation: 

Class of 1972 


Class of 1956 


Class of 1985 

Total number of donors 


Total $ received 


(as of December 13. W96) 

Donor Club 


Corrections from the 


Homecoming issue of 
Delta Currents 

Loyalty Club 

Mr. J. Slacy Da\idson 

Presidents Club 

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Jones 

Mr, and Mrs. Michael Gilbow 

Founders Club 

Boyles, Mr Charles H. 




Sports Update 

Rives Inducted 

Coach Steve Rives was inducted 
into the Hinds Community College 
Sports Hall 
of Fame 
during the 
1996 home- 
acti\'ities in 

his highly 

Rives, head men's basketball coach 
at Delta State since 1986, has 
earned Coach of the Year titles 
from the Jackson Metro and Babe 
McCarthy Tip-Off Clubs, as well as 
being named 1981 Miss. High 
School Coach of the Year, and Miss. 
Private School Coach of the Year 
six times. He was named Gulf 
South Conference Coach of the 
Year in 1993 and 1996. 

Statesmen Place Six on 
All-GSC Team 

Two offensive and four defen- 
sive players from DSU's football 
team have been named to the 1996 
All-Gulf South Conference squad 
after leading the Statesmen to a 
third-place conference finish. 

Named to the team are defen- 
sive tackle Roosevelt Johnson (Vero 
Beach, Fla.), linebacker Anthony 
Hunter (Moss Point), defensive 
back Darren January (Winnsboro, 
La.), offensive tackle Louis 
Robinson (Drew), linebacker Bobby 
Pamell (Greenwood) and running 
back Tregnal Thomas (Pascagoula), 

g also named the GSC's Freshman of 

7- the Year. 


^. GSC 25th Anniversary 
I Selections 

'^ Seven former Statesmen have 
5 been named as members of the 
a Gulf South Conference 25th 

Anniversary Football Team. 
Statesmen selected include quarter- 
back Scott Butler (All-GSC 1983- 
84); running backs Londale 
Bankston (All-GSC 1987-88) and 
Revis Davis (All-GSC 1989-90-91); 
offensive lineman Gene Bryant 
(All-GSC 1971-72); receiver Kyle 
Finney (All-GSC 198-85); defensive 
lineman Tim Edwards (All-GSC 
1989-90); and defensive back Sam 
Killingsworth (All-GSC 1977-78- 

DSU Athletic Facilities 
Among The Best In The 


While Delta State University's 
athletic facilities currently rank 
among the best NCAA Division II 
facilities in the nation, plans are 
underway to make them THE 

During the off-season Sillers 
Coliseum, home of the Statesmen 
and Lady Statesmen basketball 
teams, received a face-lift from top 
to bottom with fresh paint being 
applied to "brighten-up" the play- 
ing and spectator areas, including 
renovated dressing rooms, rest 
rooms, and concession facilities. In 
addition, glass doors were installed 
to provide a "new look" while the 
upstairs meeting rooms were pre- 
pared to provide areas where 
boosters can meet and Sports Hall 
of Fame recognition plaques can be 

Another area which received 
major attention in the off-season 
was the DSU women's softball 
facility. As a result, the 1997 squad 
will enjoy a home facility, second to 
none. Not only is there a new and 
improved playing surface but also 
new fencing surrounding the com- 

While this spring's baseball 
team will play its first full season 
under new lights, there comes 
word that the Dave "Boo" Ferriss 
complex will undergo a re-land- 

scaping project to replace and add 
trees and shrubbery damaged by 
prior weather conditions. This will 
further enhance a facility already 
considered to be best in the nation. 

Other athletic facility improve- 
ments and plans include new cart 
paths, restructured greens and a 
proposed lake for the Derrall 
Foreman Golf Course; renovation 
of the press box at Parker Field; 
continued maintenance for the 10 
outdoor and 2 indoor tennis courts; 
and pre-planning for a proposed $5 
million addition to the Natatorium 
and Student Fitness Center. 

It is easy to see why the Delta 
State athletic facilities are consid- 
ered to be THE BEST, both now 
and in the years to come. 

Durham Honored 

William M. " Sugar" Durham, a 
1950 Delta State graduate, was 
named the recipient of the presti- 
gious "Alumnus of the Year" for 
1996-97 at Mississippi Delta 
Community College during its 
annual homecoming meeting. 

Durham, owner of Mid-South 
Farms in Clarksdale, was inducted 

into the DSU Sports Hall of Fame 



1997 Home 

Baseball Schedule 

Feb 17 Union U. 2:00 

Feb 18 Miss. Valley 3:00 

Feb 20 Lambuth l:00 

Mar 4 William Carey 2:00 

Mar 15 Cen. Arkansas 4:00 

Mar 16 Cen. Arkansas 2:00 

Mar 22 Lemoyne Owen 2:00 

Mar 23 Lyon College 2:00 

Mar 28 Henderson St. 7:00 

Mar 29 Henderson St. 3:00 

Apr 2 Belhaven 3.00 

Apr 9 Jackson St. 6:00 

Apr 19 So. Arkansas 12:00 

Apr 20 So. Arkansas 2:00 

Apr 21 Ouachita Bapt. 5:00 


^pr 25 GSC Tourney TBA 

With the Classes 


Victoria Lane, '36, of Memphis was present- 
ed a ser\ice award by the Memphis Alumni 

Cora Peeler Lamond, '48, of Alexandria, VA 
is the owner and travel consultant with 
Lamond Enterprises, and was designated a 
destination expert with the travel industry. 

Hugh Ellis Walker, '52, of Cleveland, was 
honored with the formal naming of the 
Hugh Ellis Walker Alumni and Foundation 
House with ceremonies during homecom- 

Virginia White, '52-'33, of Greenwood was 
the first women elected an officer of 
Staplcotn-Stapldiscount. She was also the 
first women in\ited to join the Greenwood 
Rotarx Club. 

Louis Baioni, '36, of Memphis was named 
as the Outstanding Alumnus of 1996. 
Aubry Rozzell, '56, of Quitman was induct- 
ed into Holmes Community College Sports 
Hall of Fame. 

Norma Shaw, '59, of Gore Springs, recently 
retired after working 29 years for Soil 
Conser\'ation Service. 
Hugh E. Walker, '52, received the 
Cleveland/ Bolivar County Chamber of 
Commerce President's award for outstand- 
ing service as membership chairman. 
William "Sugar" Durham, '50, of 
Clarksdale was named Outstanding 
Alumnus of the year at Mississippi Delta 
Communit\' College. 

Robert Shute, '60, of Goodman, MS is the 
recipient of a 1996 Holmes Community 
College Special Service Award. 
Dr. Gerald Crawford, '61, of Florence AL 
was named "Eminent Scholar Chair" in the 
college of business for the fourth year at the 
University of North Alabama with more 
than 200 publications. 

Jimmy Williams, '62, of Cleveland was hon- 
ored with the formal naming of the DSU 
Bookstore in November. He was associated 
with the bookstore for 38 years. 
Larry Houge, '63, of Jackson, was recently 
named the director of development and 
alumni relahons at East Central Community 

James Donald Cooper,'63 of Cleveland, the 
Delta State registrar and director of admis- 
sions, has been elected to a second three- 
year term as the American College Testing 
State RepresentaHve from MS. 
Dr. Mary T. Elliott, '63, of Baton Rouge, LA 
was selected to recei\'e the prestigious 
"degree of fellow", an award for those who 
ha\'e distinguished themselves among their 
colleagues, as well as in their service to fam- 
ily medicine. 

William C. Higgins, '66 of Panama City, FL 
recently retired as a USAF Lt.-Col, 
J. Kenneth Mixon, '62, of Holcomb, MS is 
retired and currently pursuing private busi- 

ness endeavors. 

Dr. E. E. Caston,'66, of Cleveland, dean of 
the School of Education at Delta State, has 
been awarded a state grant to improve com- 
puter-driven technology in the surrounding 
school districts. 

Sylvia Hickey, '69, of Biloxi retired from 
Biloxi public schools and currently teaches 
in Mobile Christian School in Mobile, AL. 
Sharon Gary MacDonald, '63, of San 
Antonio, TX recently published a new book, 
Squisli, Sort, Paint niid Build. 
Sandra McKiemon, '69, recently retired 
after teaching 26 years in Mississippi Public 
Schools. She now teaches at Covenant 
Christian School in Yazoo City. She is also 
state president of Delta Kappa Gamma. 
Carol S. Manning, '63, of Bowling Green, 
VA, professor of English at Mary 
Washington College, was presented the 
Simpson Award, which is given as the insti- 
tution's most prestigious award for teach- 

Jimmy D. Sartin, '68, of Natchez, is the new 
pastor of First Baptist Church of 

Ann Deloach, '60, was elected to the 
Rosedale City Council. 

Major General Al Hopkins, 63, of Gulfport 
was appointed to a six-year term as cheif 
judge of the Court of Military Appeals for 

Milton Kuykendall, '70, of Horn Lake was 
presented the Distinguished Alumnus 
Award by the Memphis Area Alumni 
Chapter. He is the principal of Horn Lake 
High School. 

William Broadway, '71, of Clarksdale is the 
assistant principal at Ocean Springs High 

Jerry Alexander, '72, of Moss Point, head 
coach at Moss Point High School, ended the 
season with his team ranked number 15 in 
the nation. 

Jack Kyle, '72, of Jackson, the director of the 
Mississippi Commission for International 
Cultural Exchange, announced that the 
"Splendors of Versailles" exhibit will be in 
Jackson from April-August 1998. 
Rev. Joe Robinson,'78, of Yazoo City has 
been named dean of St. Andrew's Episcopal 
Cathedral in Jackson. 

Lee Jones,'78 of Winona is director of feder- 
al programs for Winona School System. 
Stan Partridge, '78, of Gautier, MS is the 
assistant principal at Gautier High School. 
J. Carroll Ashley, '73, of Hazlehurst, MS has 
been promoted to the vice president of the 
Copiah Bank. 

Gloria McQuagge, '70, of Cleveland, 
attended the Democratic National 
Convention in Chicago representing 
Mississippi as the current MAE(Mississippi 
Association of Educators) president. 
Gerald Franklin, '70, of Indianola is the 
new principal at Bankston Elementary. 
Clark Rumfelt, '72, of Madison, is currently 
employed as the \'ice president and senior 
counsel in the legal department at Deposit 
Bill Myers, '72, of Ocean Springs is the 

preparator of the Walter Anderson Museum 
of Art in Ocean Springs. 
Joe DiPabio, '73, of Cranford, NJ, was 
inducted into the Carnford High School 
Hall of Fame November, 21. DiFabio was a 
Delta State Sports Hall of Fame inductee last 

Fred Gill, '73, of Lucedale was honored 
with the naming of the George County High 
School football stadium in his honor, along 
with former coach, Greg Martin. Gill- 
Martin Stadium. 

David Bradberry, '74, of Clinton was select- 
ed coach of the week after leading Clinton 
to a victory over undefeated Forest Hill. 
Bill Barbee, '74, of Grenada is vice presi- 
dent of Graeber Brothers, Inc. in Grenada. 
John W. Kenney II, '73, of Beverly Hills, 
CA has retired as the vice president and 
CEO of the Associated Press in New York. 
Debbie Rochelle, '79, of Cleveland current- 
ly teaches special education arts, tenth 
through twelfth grade in Indianola. 
Elizabeth Partee Sutton, '74, formerly of 
Cleveland is vice president of human 
resources at Northbay Industries in Novato, 
CA -She was selected outstanding graduate 
in the human resources graduate program 
with a 4.0 GPA. 

Lucy Hutton Seaberry, '69 &'74, of 
Cleveland has been named the first 
Outstanding Black Alumna for Delta State 

Tina Thompson, '79, of Biloxi is the new 
assistant principal at Beauvior Elementary 
with Biloxi public schools. 
Sharon Dantzler, '71, of Greenville retired 
from teaching at Lejand Middle School after 
25 years in the fifth grade. 
Linda Brown, '77, of Greenville is serving as 
officer-in-charge in the Belzoni Post Office. 
John Alexander, '77, of Oxford was elected 
chairman of the Inter Alumni Council, a 
position which rotates annually among the 
eight state universities. 
Lucy Janoush, '78, Judson Thigpen, '79, 
and Randy Hutchinson' 95, of Cleveland 
received the president's award for the 
Chamber of Commerce. 
Lynda Peatross, '79, of Colorado Springs, 
CO is currently the sales and marketing rep- 
resentative for "Skyview" Magazine. 
Cynthia Sullivan '78, of Hollandale has 
been elected to the board of directors of the 
Mississippi Association for Health Care. 
Lynn Holifield, '78, of Guntersville, AL is 
currently employed as an insurance agent 
with State Farm. 

Mike Slay, '78, of Jackson, is minister of 
First Baptist Church in Cleveland. 
Bruce Tinnin, '79, of Tempe, AZ is currently 
working for Fox Animations Studios in 
Phoenix, part of 20th Century Fox. 
Leona P. Kilgore, '79, of Stewart has been 
elected to the office of assistant cashier at 
Winona's bank office. 
Doug Ashmore, '79, of Grenada is 
Grenada's city clerk. 

Gary Walker, '72, is an attorney with Kalish 
and Ward in Tampa, FL. 
Glenda Sims, '70, is co-manager of Regency 
Travel and International Market's new 



leisure group division in Memphis. 
Ross Aven, '76, of Jackson, has been 
appointed \ice president of administration 
and human resources for MS Valley Gas. 
Earnest Hart, '71 , of Jackson, has been 
named assistant managing editor/presenta- 
tion for The Clarion Ledger. 
Mack Allen Smith, ~76, of Greenwood, 
recently published Hcnk\/-Touk Adilict. 

Becky Walker, '81 and her husband Jimmy 
are the new owners of Willows Restaurant 
in Greem'ille. They also own Ciceros in 

Bill West, '81, of Memphis has been promot- 
ed to managing director of Feeder Aircraft 
Operations with Federal Express. 
Beth Henry, '81, of Jackson has started her 
own temporary agency. Tempo Inc. 
Lisa Jean Mistilis, '82, of Maumell, AR is 
currently employed by the Mobile County 
Public School System in Mobile, AL. 
John E. Yates, '82 of Clinton is currently a 
vocational evangelist with Da Capo 

Ryan Miley, '86, is the minister of music 
and activities at First Baptist Church in 
Macon, MS. 

Gloria Petro, '85, of Leland has been 
appointed the top administrative assistant 
to the superintendent of Leland School 

Stacy Hester, '81, of New Hope is the MS. 
and District 6 coach of the year on the all- 
state baseball team and guided New Hope 
to a 43-0 season and the state championship. 
He received the groundskeeper field of the 
year award. He also received National High 
School Coach of the Year. 
Barry Lyons, '82, of Biloxi, was named man- 
ager of the year in the Big South League. He 
has also been hired to manage the 
Cincinnati Reds' Class A team in 
Charleston, W. VA. 
Bemie Winkel, '81 of Clarksdale was 
awarded Mississippi's outstanding sec- 
ondary vocational administrator of the year. 
Mark Scott, '86, of Lucedale has been 
named director of the International 
Association of Machinist and Aerospace 
Workers Center for Rehabilitation and 
Employment Ser\'ices in MS, AL and LA. 
Johnny Jones, '85, of Magnolia, AR was 
recently awarded the Doctoral of Music Arts 
Degree from the University of Missouri. He 
also completed his first year as assistant 
professor of music at Southern Arkansas 

Todd Stricklin, '88, of Memphis recently 
accepted the position of admission director 
at Christian Brothers University in 

Hilary Sikes, '87, of Indianola received her 
masters in Latin from the University of 

Phyllis Boatman, '80, of Camden, AR pub- 
lished her first story in a national publica- 
tion of Catfancy magazine in Jan. 1997. 
Steve Azar, '87, of Greenville has a debut 
country album. Heartbreak Toiun. Steve also 
performed at this year's Blues Festival in 

Sheppard William Haaga, '81, of Clarksdale 
now teaches special education in addition to 
coaching the football team at Ruleville 

David P. Folino, '83, of Camarillo, CA com- 
pleted the Professional Education Program 
from the College for Financial Planning in 
Denver, Co and passed the certified finan- 
cial planner board exam. 
David Dallas, '88, of Arlington, VA has 
accepted the position of director of interna- 
tional programs at Drexel University in 
Philadelphia, PA. 

Bill Meredith, '86, of Grenada recently pub- 
lished a hook. Malice in Memphis. 
Michael Enriquez, '83, formerly of 
Cleveland, is a business analyst with the 
Manufacture Small Business Development 
Center in Cincinnati. 

Cheryl Jackson Cummins, '88, formerly of 
Grenada received a doctorate of education 
from the University of Mississippi. 
Rickey Hynum, '89, formerly of Cleveland, 
is the entertainment editor for Nortlieast 
Mississippi Daily journal in Tupelo. 
Steve Powell, '81 &'91, of Rockville, MD is 
a PC specialist/help desk administrator for 
Arnold and Porter. 

Linda Dillard, '82, of Ridgeland, was pro- 
moted to accounts relations manager of 
Data Products with LDDS Worldcom. 
Marilyn Summitt, '86, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
recently joined the law firm of Goldberg, 
Young & Gravenhorst in Ft. Lauderdale. 
Threasa Lee Stanton, '86, of Tunica recently 
completed certification in gifted education 
from the University of Mississippi. 
Vince McLemore, '85, of Amory recently 
received a masters degree in education from 
Mississippi State. 

Kris Craven, '89, of Memphis is an account 
executive in outside sales with AVC 24 
WPTY television. 

Diane Wynn Bolen, '85, of Merigold, has 
been appointed executive director of the 
Mississippi Home Corporation, a hub 
agency for affordable housing. 
Bill Bailey, '82, of Grenada, was featured in 
Outdoors in Mississippi magazine for set- 
ting a sportsman's record hunting with bow 
and arrow which placed him in Pope and 
Young record book. 
Mary Frances Bassie Griffin, '83, of 
Conway, AR, received a prestigious team 
management award from AXIOM Corp. 
Richard Kalerins, '87, formely of Bates ville 
is an assistant manager for Juban's 
Resturant in Baton Rouge. 

Jake Mitchell, '90, of Jonesboro, AR recently 
passed the Player Ability Test of the PGA of 

Jack Catlette, '90, of Greenwood, teaches 
eighth grade math in Greenwood. 
Ross Reily, '90, of Cleveland, is sports 
writer for Northeast Mississippi Daihj joiirna! 
in Tupelo, MS. 

Wayne Ray, '91 was promoted to Special 
Agent with Mississippi State Tax 
Commission in Jackson. 
Dixie Bassie Hart, '84 & '91, of Jackson is 
advertising director for Mississippi Farm 

Bureau Federation. 

Renee Dean, '96, of Jackson is currently a 
tax auditor for the Mississippi State Tax 
Commission Bureau of Audit and 
Compliance in Jackson. 
Katherine Keller, '96, is currently pursuing 
a master's degree in speech pathology at the 
University of Alabama. 
David Clark, '91, of Cleveland was present- 
ed the Superior Service Award by Omega 
Psi Phi Fraternity. 

Kimberly Broadwater,'92, of Cleveland, is 
completing course work for the Doctor of 
Musical Arts degree in vocal performance at 
LSU and is the 1996/97 Met Opera competi- 
tion winner. 

William LLoyd, '93, of Vicksbnrg has com- 
pleted his Master of Music in vocal perfor- 
mance at LSU and he was accepted into the 
artist apprentice program with Sarasota 
Opera, in Sarasota FL. 
Wesley and Mary Black, '94, of LaSalle, IL 
are currently teaching. She teaches eighth 
grade math and social studies and he 
recently received his masters in Math and is 
teaching at Illinois Valley Community 

Dede Cage,'94 of HoUandale, was recently 
named the clinical manager of Continue 
Care Home Health in Indianola. 
Susan Laster, '95, of Duck Hill, MS is a first 
grade teacher at Grenada Elementary 

Bridget Bynum, '96, is an RN with Delta 
Regional Medical Center in Greenville, MS. 
Nate Murphee, '92, led his North Sunflower 
Academy band to all superior ratings for the 
fourth consecutive year at MPSA competi- 

Donna Haller, '96 of Greenville is a training 
employment specialist at Delta Community 
Mental Health. 

Chrissy Keller R.N., '96, of Cleveland is 
currently employed at the North Sunflower 
County Hospital in Ruleville. 
Alicia Wright, '96, of Southaven is teaching 
at Southaven High School. 
Michael K. Aoa, '96, of Moscow, ID recently 
accepted the position of assistant BSU direc- 
tor and assistant tennis coach at the 
University of Idaho. 
Shannon Hall, '96, of St. Louis, MO has 
been accepted into the occupational therapy 
program and St. Louis University. 
Margaret A. Jennings, '93, of Cleveland 
recently accepted the position of administra- 
tive assistant of finance and accounting at 
Delta and Pine Land. 

Kelly Heatherly Jenkins, '94, of Columbus, 
GA is a graphic artist for Hallmark Cards 

Dr. Mall Jenkins, '93, of Lawton, OK 
received an honorable mention award for 
his entry of "Atomic Annie" in the 67th 
annual American International Film and 
Video Festival. 

Leigh Claire Hughes, '91, of Indianola now 
teaches computer and career discovery in 

Darry Hardy, '92, formerly of Cleveland, 
MS was promoted to messaging coordinator 
for Sedgwick James, Inc., a worldwide 

insurance brokerage firm in Memphis. 
Monica Fioranelli Wright, '^3, of Jackson 
teaches nursing at Hohnes Community 
College at the Ridgeland Campus. 
Robb Taylor, '93, of Dan\ille,VA accepted a 
psychiatric social work position with the 
Count)' Department of Mental Health in 
Hollyivood, CA. 

Jill Disaroon, '94, of Gulfport, received a 
masters in speech pathology and is present- 
ly emploN'ed with Rehab One in Gulfport. 
Marshell "Shell" Willard, '96, of Indianola 
teaches eighth grade at Moorhead Middle 

Jo Ann Campbell, '96, of Vaughan, MS 
teaches sixth grade at East Sunflower 

Sherry Woodard, '93, of Clarksdale earned 
her masters degree in nursing at Delta State 
and is currently employed at the Aaron E, 
Henry' Community Health Center. 
Jason Boykin, '94, of West Point, MS recent- 
ly graduated fourth in his class from North 
Mississippi Law Enforcement Academy in 

Stephanie Shea, '96, of Wichita, KS accept- 
ed the position of the band director at the 
Adams Count\' Christian School. 
Preston Giles, '92, is a customer service rep- 
resentatiye for International Paper Corp. in 

Amy Ford, '96, of Cle\'eland was recently 
hired as a Delta State Flight instructor. 
Christy McBrayer, '91 of Holh'wood, CA 
recently signed with the Efendi Talent 
Agency and Major Management in CA. 
Chris and Angie Kirkland, '95, of Horn 
Lake recenth' accepted new jobs. Cfiris is a 
QA inspector with Onyz Medical in 
Memphis and Angie is a AS400 administra- 
tor/operator with Cento Cotton, USA in 

Kathleen Hodges, '96, of Indianola graduat- 
ed with a 4.0 gpa and joined the nursing fac- 
ulty at Delta State as an assistant professor. 
Oscar Miles, '96, of Cle\'eland, is the recipi- 
ent of the Lucy Somerx-ille Howorth Essay 

Kim Grant, '96, of Vicksburg was accepted 
into the Master of Music degree program at 
LSU with a full scholarship. 
Demetria Taylor, '96, of Monroe, is current- 
ly working as a home health educator for 
Continue Care Home Health in Monroe, LA. 
Dawn Davis, '96, of Sturgis, MS is teaching 
sixth grade at Louisville Elementary School 
in Louisville, MS. 

Sally Garrett, '93, of Cleveland is currently 
working as a family counselor with Youth 
Villages in its newly opened Cleveland 

Rudy Turner, '92, a third year medical stu- 
dent at WV School of Osteopathic Medicine 
ser\'ed an externship with Dr. Bennie Wright 
in Cleveland. 

Damon Hogben, '95, of Jackson, has been 
promoted to supervisor at Security Ballwe, 

Cpt. Jim Ouzts, '95, of Cleveland, is a pro- 
duction test pilot for McDonald Douglas. 
Jack "Chip" Hart, '91, is employed by 
Hankins Air Ser\'ice in Jackson where he 

flies a DC-3 aircraft. 

Rodney D. Hughes, '90, of Memphis, has 
been named assistant commissioner for 
small business, entrepreneur and minority 
affairs by TN governor, Don Sunquist. 
Clifton Burrell, III, '92, of Clarksdale, has 
joined the faculty at South Delta High 

Marti Shannon, '96, of Tunica, is a real 
estate trainee in Memphis. 
Pamela "Pami" Howarth, of Cleveland, and 
Olivia "Dee Dee" Pugh, of Greenville 
joined Delta and Pine Land's southwest cus- 
tomer support team. 

Susanne Gann, of Hattiesburg, was recently 
named director of advertising and market- 
ing for the Lamar County News. 
Carol Downing, of Hattiesburg, recently 
joined Doleac Realtors Betters Home and 
Gardens as a realtor associate. 
Joseph A. Babb, formely of Marks, has been 
promoted to senior vice president in busi- 
ness banking with DGNB in Jackson. 
John Ramsey Miller, formely of Cleveland, 
has published his first novel. The Last 
Family, with Bantam Books. 
Andrew Williams, was re-elected to the 
Rosedale City Coimcil. 
Pauline "Nina" Rhodes, '78, Brenda 
Luckett, '90, Rhonda Young, and Cassandra 
Williams, were recently selected by 
Clarksdale Coahoma County Chamber of 
Commerce as its newest leadershiip class. 
Beverly Christian, formely of Greenville, 
has been appointed principal of West talla- 
hatchie High School. 

Baby Statesmen 

Jalaine Sheedy to Mr. and Mrs. William L. Smith 

'93 (Kelly Grlmmitt) on September 3, 1996 in 


Courtney Elizabeth to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Stennis 

(Monica Sims '91) on October 18, 1995 In Scooba. 

Jason Baronet to Mr. and Mrs. Scott Reed (Kim 

Moody '95) on July 18, 1996 in Cleveland. 

Joshua Burton to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Speyerer (Jerri 

Burton '90) on March 22, 1996 in Vicksburg. 

Ethan Ed\vard to Mr. and Mrs. Randall Upton 

(Stacey Waldrup '91) on August 5, 1996 in 


Martha Katherine to Mr. and Mrs. John Sutton 

(Elizabeth Partee '74) on December 18, 1995 in 


Christian Alexander to Mr and Mrs. David Collins 

(Crystal Livingston '89) on August 20, 1996 in 


Ashton Ward to Mr. and Mrs. Josh Martin (Kristen 

Perkins '96) on October 31, 1996 in Cleveland. 

Kyle Weber to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Furlow 

(Mary Weber '89) on August 29, 1996 in Jackson. 

Sydney Anderson to Mr and Mrs. Edward 

Schieffler (Bobbe Scarbrough '86) on August 28, 

1996 in Memphis. 

Kendall Elaine to Mr. and Mrs. Mike McCoy '92 

(Kristi Singletary '92) on February 22, 1996. 

James Alvin III to Mr and Mrs. Jim Whitfield 

(Janet Shiart '91) on November 9, 1996 in 


Jack Tyler to Mr and Mrs. Chris Martin '93 (Lara 

Pieralisi '96) on July 9, 1996. 

Kayla Isabell to Mr and Mrs. Michael Mills (Lisa 

Riley), granddaughter to Mr. and Mrs. Ted Riley 

'66 (Nancye Brantley '66) on November 1, 1996 in 

Delkalb, Georgia. 

Jonathan Trevor to Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Miley '86 

(Rebecca) on September 24, 1996 in Starkville. 

Lauren Elizabeth to Mr and Mrs. Steven 

Maughan '92 (Angela Irwin) on November 5, 1996 

in Clex'eland. 

Brett Charles to Mr and Mrs. Sean B. Doyle '89 

(Julia Lynn) on June 19, 1996 in Temple Terrace, 


James Clinton to Mr and Mrs. Vic Price (Beth 

Robinson '87) on November 9, 1996 in Memphis, 


Carlie Elizabeth to Mr and Mrs. Brian Cuffle '92 

(Pamela) on August 23, 1996 in Springfield, IL. 

James Maverick to Mr and Mrs. Robert M. 

Harrison (Melissa Hill '89) on September 12, 1996 

in Jackson. 

Twin daughters, Susan Julia and Jennifer Ford, to 

Mr and Mrs. Jim Loome (Nancy Disharoon '83) 

on July 25, 1996 in Longview, TX. 

Jacob Russell to Mr and Mrs. Wes Banks (Leslie 

Hardin '92) on September 25, 1996 in Grenada. 

Bethany Helen to Mr and Mrs. Hal Beckham '88 

(Lori) on March 5, 1996 in Germantown, TN. 

Dewitt "Dillon" IV to Mr and Mrs. Dewitt 

DeWeese III (Renee Selby '91) on July 8, 1996 in 


John Mack III to Mr and Mrs. John M. Smith, Jr 

(Amanda Fulgham '89) on October 1, 1996 m 

Georgetown, MS. 

Linda Lee to Mr and Mrs. Glyrm BouchiUon 

(Susan Jackson '90) on July 26, 1996. 

Brittany Kay to Mr and Mrs. Woody Earls '90 

(Melanie Daves) on June 21, 1996 in Cleveland. 

Taylor Rena to Mr and Mrs. Ron Hogan '88 

(Rena) on August 23, 1996 in Monroe, LA. 

Cameron Gage to Mr and Mrs. Jeremiah Burks 

'95 (Sharon) on September 19, 1996 in Cleveland. 

Imani Eddreka to Mr and Mrs. Edgar Scott (Jackie 

Ellis '91) on July 17, 1996. 

Harmah Elizabeth to Mr and Mrs. George T. 

Davis, Jr. '90 on October 4, 1996 in Clarksdale. 

Taylor Megan to Mr and Mrs. Tim Tarsi '90 

(Cathy Kirby '87) on June 24, 1996 in Jackson. 

Joseph Rock to Mr and Mrs. Tim Morris (Amy 

Yount '96) on July 6, 1996 in Clarksdale. 

Amelia Grace to Mr and Mrs. Milford D. Cooper 

'72 on September 15, 1996 in Bastrop, LA. 

Gunner lames to Mr and Mrs. Mark Hudspeth '92 

(Amy Carrol '92) on September 13, 1996 in 


Steven Brian to Mr and Mrs. Kevin Yee '87 (Ilene 

Joe) on June 12, 1996 in Memphis. 

Anna Grace to Mr and Mrs. Al Cummins '92 

(Michelle Ray '91) on luly 25, 1996 in Greenville. 

Alana Claire to Dr and Mrs. John A. Collier '91 

(Sharon) on November 12, 1996 in Clarksdale. 

Reed Alexander to Mr. and Mrs. Vance St. 

Columbia (Celia Bradham '89) on February 2, 1996 

in West Helena, Arkansas. 

In Memorium 

Steve Tanous, 25, class of '93, physical therapist in 
Memphis, died September 22, 1996 in a car acci- 

James L. Hodges,64, a retired superintendent of 
education of Madison County, died of heart failure 
in September of 1996, at St. Dominic /Jackson 
Memorial Hospital. 

LaRue Saulters,69, class of '48, of Prentiss, died 
June 26, 1996, at Jefferson Davis County Hospital 
in Prentiss, MS. 

Reginald Caulfield,34, class of '85, died in July of 
1996, of pneumonia in Chicago. 
Willie Der,48, class of '70, died of heart failure at 
the Northwest Medical Center in Clarksdale. 
Margaret Bedwell Miller, 88, class of '28, died on 
September 21, 1996, at the Potomac Valley Nursing 
Home in Rockville, MD. She was a member of the 
first graduating class. 

Dr. Mac G. McRaney, 77, retired college dean, 
died of a heart attack in Pascagoula. McRaney was 
long time Registrar at Delta State University. 
Jackie Thompson, 50, from Clarksdale died from 
heart disease in September. 


James Williams, 48, class of '74, of Austin, Texas, 
died on N'ovember 3,1996. 
Shirley Meadows, 60, an elementar\' school 
teacher, died on September 18, 1996, in Jackson. 
Dr. EvehTi C. Kiker, 64, class of '69, an Instructor 
of Alt at Mississippi Delta Community- College, 
died of cancer on Septen\ber 25, 1996, at the 
Mississippi Baptist Medical Center in Jackson. 
William Edward Metcalf ,70, of Cleveland, class 
of '69, a retired administrator for Clarksdale public 
schools, died of heart failure N'ovember of 1996. 
Jack Mason, 71, class of '52, an educator and pri- 
\'ate business owner, died of cancer in November 
of 1996. 

Carl Salyer, class of '48, died on November 1996 
in Brookhaven. 

Louise Fondren McDonald, class of '42, a retired 
elementar>' school teacher of Canton, died in 
October of 1996. 

Howard Carpenter ,78, dass of '43, a retired pro- 
fessor, died of congestive heart failure in 

Kathleen Sharp Jones, 81, a retired instuance 
agenc\' emplovee, died of heart failure at Bolivar 
CounU' Hospital in Cleveland. 
James Curtis Ball, 86, dass of '33, founder-owner 
of Ball Building Suppiv in Calhoun Cit\-, died on 
November 20 of cancer Ball received the first 
Distinguished Statesman .Award in 1991. 
Louise Elizabeth McCuUar Steele, 82, dass of '35, 
retired teacher, died of cancer at South Panola 
Comn\uiut\' Hospital on December 3. 
Dr. Katherine Coward, 78, of Memphis, retired 
professor emeritus of Enghsh at Delta State, died 
October S, of heart failure. 
Homer Benton, 69, retired poUce cheif at Delta 
State died October 25 of cancer in Cleveland. 


Tana Pittman. 89. to Daniel Vassd on April 20, 
1996 in Clarksdale. 

Bobbe Scarbrough, 85, to Edivard SchiefQer on 
December 1, 1995 in Arkai\sas. 
Teresa Marking, '95, to Brian Keith Da\"is on 
August 10, 1996 in Memphis. 
Donna Ladner to G.G. Breeland, '93, on Jtme 14, 
1996 in Pigeon Ford, TX. 

Rossynlin L. Robinzine, '94, to Kevin Thompson 
on August 3, 1996 in Marks. 
Dana Lea Mitchell, '91, to Robert Norman 
Warrington on October 26, 1996 in Green\ille. 
Whitty Marie Adams, '96, to Adam Trudell Guin 
on October 12, 1996 in Natchez. 
Karen Anne Beeman, '95, to Wilson Matthew 
Krueger lH on October 12, 1996 in Brandon. 
Tanuny Lyim Beesley, '94, to WlUiam Da\'id 
McCurlev on December 14, 1996 in Natchez. 
Bahnda JiU Grisham to Christopher Michael 
Beimett, '94, on Ortober 5, 1996 in Dumas, .AK. 
Susan Michelle Bolin to Jason Ryan Boykin '94 on 
.August 10, 1996 in West Point. 
Kimberly Michelle Boyd, '88, to Eric Stephen 
Vickerv on September 28, 1996 in Oxford. 
Kelley Denise Briggs,'96, to Heru^' Andrew 
Rochelle on November 16, 1996 in Jackson. 
Lisa Chambers Brown, '94, to Ricky Lee Topper 
on October 12, 1996 in Rena Lara- 
Kelly Elma-Ruth Brown,'93, to Glen Albert Ross 
on October 19, 1996 in Laurel. 
Candace Collins, '91, to Ted Fortenbern,' on 
November 9, 1996 in Jackson. 
Christy Crocker,'91, to Jon Butler on September 
28, 1996 in ae\-eland. 

Meredith "Merri" Pauline Ferrell, '96, to Marshall 
Da\"is Baldwin on October 5, 1996 in Yazoo Cit\'. 
Kristie Bumside, '94, to Robert "Bert" Foster, '91, 
on June 15, 1996 in Rosedale. 
Stephanie Darleen Freeman,'96, to Travis Carl 
Meyers, '96, on October 5, 1996 in Independence. 
Melissa Dawn Gamer,'87, to Donald Ames Sims 
on November 12, 1996 in Greenwood. 
Christy Gerrard, '93, to Paul Grisham on 

November 9, 1996 in Southaven. 

Carmen Towery,'96, to Jerrod Hammack,'92 on 

.August 3, 1996 in Isola. 

Ruth Aim Helton,'94, to Doug Robbins,'95 on 

December 21, 1996 in Oxford. 

C\Tithia Little to Dwight Herlong,'91, on July 5, 


Brenda Higginbotham, '91 to Buck Williams on 

.August 10, 1996 in Lucedale. 

Angela Michelle Grubbs to Christopher Lynch 

Keenan,'89, on September 21, 1996 in Jackson. 

Jennifer Carol Williams,'96, to Stephen Trent 

LaMastus,'94, on No%ember 23, 1996 in Cleveland. 

Jud\- Jo Morenzi to Rush Walton Line, '90, on 

September 28, 1996 in Turtle Creek, P.A. 

Kathy Denise Manning,'88, to Herman Ray Beard 

on No\'ember 23, 1996 in Jackson. 

Lisa Jean Mistilis, '82, to Richard Cecil Brooks on 

October 19, 1996 in MobUe, AL. 

Stacy Lenore Powell, '96, to Cedric Lament 

Stampley on October 19, 1996 in Green\-ille. 

\lrginia Adams to Steve Powell, '81, on June 1, 


Linda Martin to Ray Rikard on October 4, 1996 in 


Threasa Lee Bailey, '86, to Robert Stanton on 

Februar}' 29, 1996 in Tunica. 

Paula Annette Edwards to David Allen Tribble, 

'86, on October 5, 1996 in Ackerman. 

Kathleen Kelly Freeman to David Ryan Tucker,'80, 

on No\^ember 23, 1996 in Greenxille. 

Brooke Renea Welch, '94. to Keith Lawrence 

Verucchi,'96, on October 19, 1996 in Natchez. 

Kim James to Bill Long on October 26, 1996 in 


Jenifer Dawn Williamson to Christopher John 

Ball, 95, on September 14, 1996 at San Diego, CA. 

Memrie E. Matthews, '89, to Eugene Ousley on 

October25, 1996, in Greenwood. 

Lillian Victoria Bennett, '95, to Jeffery Sykes 

Taylor, '95, on December 7, 1996, in Tunica. 

Catherine Diane Niven, '94, to Johnny Thomas 

Murtagh, '92, on November 23, 1996, in Lexington. 

Karen Maria Boyd, '96, to Matthew Flay Boyed on 

Juh- 27, 1996, in Marks. 

Regina Carol Sturdivanl to James Earl Sims, on 

No\'ember 30, 1996, in Sumner 

Kelly Dawn Davis, '96, to Wilson Height 

Langston, '96, on December 28, 1996, in Cleveland. 

Tanya Castle to Scott Williams on September 21, 

1996 in Wmona. 

Meridare Ross Willian\s to Lee Paxton on 

September 28, 1996, in Inverness. 

Carla Dianne Norlander, '93, to Christopher 

Patrick Flahert\- on December 14, 1996, in 


Wendv Gatiin to Terry Eugene West, '95, on 

December 7, 1996, in Grenada. 

Allison Merrill,'96, to Robert KittreU, on 

December 14, 1996, in Cleveland. 

Stephanie Gay Morris, '96, to Gary William 

McCrory, '96, on December 28, 1996 in Clarksdale. 

New Life Members through 12-16-96 

Victor and Diane Aguzzi, '72,73 
Wesley and Mary Augoustakis Black, 

'94, '93 & '94 
Earl and Mar\' Jo Burton, '66, '65 
Terry A. Embr}', '86 
Mark S. and Karla H. Foster, '72, '73 
Daniel Ross Johnson, '71 

Glenn Allen and Donna Michelle Li\'ely 

McCrory, '91, '95 
Elizabeth McGovem Malone, '90 
Carl and Paige Rackley, '83, '85 & '90 
Billie Breland, '53 
Da\id DaUas, '88 
Gale W. Davis Jr., '63 
Jimmie C. Norwood, '51 & '73 
Dillard 1. Roberts, '51 

Alumni Update 

One of the best-read features of Delta Currents is the section on Class Nezus. 

Wliat better way to let your classmates know where you are and what you are 

doing tluin through the "With the Classes?" Wliy not tell us about yourself— if 

you've recently married, taken a neiv job, gotten a promotion, changed addresses, 

or welcomed new children. 


Social Security #_ 

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Graduation Year_ 

Date of Birth 

Here's my update_ 

Mail to: Delta Currents, P.O. Box 3104, Cleveland, MS 38733 
Fax: 601/846-4713 

I Wmter 1997 

Delta State is more 
than just a university. 
To our alumni, we 
represent the seeds of 
successful careers, a 
host of fond 
memories, and a place 
where life-long 
friendships began. 

To future generations 
Delta State will be 
these things and more. 

Each time you 
use your Delta State 
Visa or MasterCard, a 
portion goes to 
support the Alumni 

Support your alma 
mater every time you 
charge. To apply, 
write to: 

Credit Card Dept. 

Peoples Bank 

P.O. Box 709 

Tupelo, MS 38802 
Or call: 




Ddta State Pride 

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The Peoples Bank 
& Trust Company 

The Peoples Bank 
& Trust Company 

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hy the Federal Discount Rate plus 1 0, adjusted eoch March. Grace Period for You have not less than 25 days [o repay your 

balance for purchases before being charged a finance chorge. Balance Calculation Method for Purchases: Average daily 

balance, excluding new transactions Membership Fees: /Innual membership fee: S 1 2 Minimum Finance Charge: S.50 

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Tile [erms iierein are accurate as of the date of pilnting (January, 1996) and are subject to change after sucii (date 
Please cnnlacl creditor to request any changes in the inlormatiun disclosed 

SW 'aN\n3AHi3 
eOl# lamjd 



paajireiBn^ aScisoj lurqay 
pajsanba^ uopDBiio^ ssaippy 

eezse sw 'puBi8Aai3 
toie wg od 

XjisjaAiun aiB}s BijaQ 

uoiiBpossv ruuiniv 

Thomas Wins Conerly Award 

Treg Thomas, 
DSU's elusive 
freshman run- 
ning back, was 
awarded the 
first Charlie 
Conerly trophy, 
which goes to 
the top college 
player in the 

A panel of 55 
sports reporters 
and broadcasters 

selected Thomas, who rushed 
for 1,604 yards and 11 touch- 
downs, setting a Delta State and 
Gulf South Conference rushing 

Thomas, who played for Bill 
Matthews at Pascagoula High 
School, was presented the inau 

Above (Left to Right): 
Former vice presidential 
candidate Jack Kemp, 
Conerly Award winner 
Treg Thomas and sports- 
caster Frank Gifford. 

gural award by 
former vice presi- 
dential candidate 
Jack Kemp and 
ABC-TV sports- 
caster Frank 
Gifford, team- 
mates of Conerly 
with the New 
York Giants. 
The Gulf 

Freshman of the 
Year, who aver- 
aged 160.4 yards 
per game, finishing sixth 
nationally in Division II rush- 
ing, said "I am extremely proud 
to be the first recipient of this 
prestigious award, but also 
happy for the publicity Delta 
State will receive by having a 
Conerly trophy winner." 

U p c 1 

Feb 15 -75, -76, V7 Women Basketball 

i I 





Apr 10 

:i V E N 

Academic Honors Day 

T S 

PAC 11 AM\ 

20 Year Reunion 


Apr 10 

50 yr Golden Circle Reunion 

Alumni House 

Feb 19 Ben Vereen, Leslie Uggams 


8 PM 

Apr 10 


Quad 3-9 PM 

F* 20-22 DSU Dinner Theater 


6 PM 

Apr 14 

Renaissance Concert 


Feb 27 Miss DSU Pageant 


7 PM 

Apr 19 

Sports Hall of Fame 

State Rm7 PM 

Mar 20 Spring Career Day 


10 AM 

Apr 19 

Spring Sports Day 

All Day 

Mar 20 Secret Garden Musical 


8 PM 

Apr 26 

Crosstie Festival 

Dntwn All Day 

Apr 8 New York Ballet "Le Boheme" 


8 PM 

May 1 

Athletic Banquet 

State Rm6 PM 

Apr 10 Teacher Recruitment Day 


9 AM 

May 3 


Colism 10 AM 

Dues Increase Notice. In order to continue to provide Delta State University Alumni with the finest publications and 
services, the Alumni dues will be increased (effective March 1, 1997) to $20 for individuals and $30 for joint members.